This movement intends to pull together all progressive Ghanaian   professionals worldwide who share the social democratic ideology with the objectives to:

  1. Provide a platform for the expression of the values of probity, equality, liberty, freedom, solidarity, accountability, transparency, innovation and integrity through advocacy, intellectual debates, seminars, Conventions, publications and by establishing a strong relationship with like-minded groups within and outside the country.
  2. Pool resources together towards greater economies of scale in supporting dominant social democratic parties in Ghana, promoting and demanding the values of probity, accountability, transparency, grass root ownership and comradeship.
  3. Support the work of social democratic think tanks to enrich intellectual debate and promote new thinking on policies that promotes the wellbeing of the masses.
  4. Galvanize like thinking social democrats to influence the thinking, decisions and governance structures of dominant social democratic parties in Ghana to ensure that these parties are people centred.
  5. Promote friendship amongst members, creating the right atmosphere for the promotion of professional, social and economic wellbeing of its members.
  6. Undertake philanthropic works in communities where necessary to improve the quality of lives of our people living within deprived communities.